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Water pump characteristic test device and definition
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The pump characteristic test device includes auxiliary pumps, flow measuring pipelines, pressure measuring pipelines, valves, measuring instruments and other auxiliary pipelines. The flow measurement pipeline, pressure measurement pipeline, valve, measuring instrument and other auxiliary pipelines are the same as the test equipment under normal operating conditions of the pump. The difference is the choice of auxiliary pump. The flow and head of the auxiliary pump determine whether the test can be carried out smoothly. Under normal circumstances, the flow of the auxiliary pump used should be at least 2-3 times that of the tested pump, and the head should be at least 2-3 times that of the tested pump. . The measurement of torque in special working conditions where the speed is zero should use a static torque sensor. Its range selection can be calculated according to the output power of the auxiliary pump, but factors such as pipeline loss and pump loss should be considered

Generally speaking, the performance test of the water pump refers to the performance test under normal operating conditions. It is also the pump running in forward rotation, positive head (impeller outlet energy greater than inlet energy), positive flow (liquid flows from the suction port to the discharge port), Under positive torque (the prime mover transfers mechanical energy to the liquid) working conditions. The opposite of the above conditions are called reverse rotation, negative head, negative flow, and negative torque. Under special operating conditions, the pump can operate with one or more of these parameters having negative values. The four-quadrant feature of the pump refers to the combination of different characteristics of these parameters.

Due to the continuous expansion of the scope and application of water pumps, several pumps often run in series or in parallel, which may cause the failure of one pump to cause other pumps to operate in an abnormal state. In addition, due to the different use of the pump, the reverse operation of the pump may also occur. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the use characteristics of pumps under various working conditions. Therefore, studying the four-quadrant characteristics of the pump is very necessary for the research and design personnel of the pump user.

Water pump characteristic test device and definition