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How to deal with the pumping down of the brushless DC pump?
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The brushless DC pump has greatly improved corrosion resistance, can withstand any concentration of sulfuric acid, and can operate safely and smoothly for a long time. However, the brushless DC water pump may encounter pumping-down in the application process, which is mainly manifested as the pump body vibration, the special sound of the pump and the motor, the pressure head meter has no indication, and the ammeter is zeroed. How should we deal with it?

First of all, we have to understand the reasons for the pumping of the brushless DC water pump. You may try several reasons: the pump inlet pipeline is blocked, the flow is not reversed, the pump inlet regulating valve is not opened, the pump impeller is blocked, the pump inlet is not air, and the seasoning material leaks seriously. The temperature is too low, the suction resistance is too large, the filter cylinder at the inlet of the pump is blocked, the steam in the pump is not discharged, the liquid level in the large tank is low, and the temperature of the incoming liquid is high, which is easy to vaporize

How to deal with the pumping down of the brushless DC pump?

For the above possible causes, take the following countermeasures:

1. Clean up or use a high-pressure pump to pass the inlet pipeline of the pump

2. Comprehensive inspection process before starting the pump

Three, clear the blockage at the entrance of the pump impeller

4. Adjust and control the packing gland to keep the leakage of the packing in the standard range, and the packing is seriously worn out and needs to be replaced.

5. Clean the steam inside the pump at the outlet of the brushless DC water pump, and clean the steam at the inlet of the pump at the filter cylinder.

Sixth, reduce the temperature of the incoming liquid.

In addition, we should also implement the following maintenance measures in daily use:

1. The key components such as the pump body and motor of the brushless DC water pump should be inspected and repaired regularly.

2. If the pump is not used for a long time, pay attention to regular inspections, clean the flow passage in the pump, and avoid residual media; cut off the power supply and cover with a dust cover to prevent dust.

3. Start and run in strict accordance with the direction of the instruction sheet, and it is strictly forbidden to reverse and dry run.

4. Frequently observe the vulnerable parts and replace them in time if they are worn or damaged.