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The cleaning principle of brushless DC pump
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Brushless DC water pump is one of the pumps. The pump adopts a vertical and segmented structure to make the brushless DC water pump run safely, smoothly, with long life, small footprint and easy maintenance. The brushless DC pump adopts an energy-saving hydraulic model, so it has the advantages of high efficiency and wide performance range, which can better meet the user's application requirements.

1. Ensure that the requirements for the cleanliness level of the parts are met. In the repair, various parts have different levels of cleanliness requirements. In assembly, the cleaning requirements of mating parts are higher than non-matching parts, dynamic mating parts are higher than static mating parts, and fine mating parts are higher than non-fine mating parts. Regarding the appearance of sprayed, plated, and bonded workpieces, the cleaning requirements are very high. When cleaning, it is necessary to adopt different cleaning agents and cleaning methods according to different requests to ensure the requested cleaning quality.

2. Avoid the corrosion of parts, and no level of corrosion is allowed for fine parts. When the parts need to be parked for a period of time after cleaning, consider the anti-rust ability of the cleaning fluid or think about other anti-rust measures.

3. To ensure safe operation, avoid causing fire, poisoning the human body and causing pollution to the environment.

The brushless DC water pump is driven by the low-pressure gas (2-8bar) of the large-area piston to generate high-pressure gas/liquid on the small-area piston. It can be used to compress air and other gases, and the output air pressure can be steplessly adjusted by the driving air pressure. The gas pipeline brushless DC water pump has single-acting pump and double-acting pump. The double-acting pump piston deflates gas in both reciprocating strokes. When the driving gas acts on the gas piston, the working piston can be driven by the gas to obtain a larger output flow.

The cleaning principle of brushless DC pump